Making Time To Help With Homework Creates A Lasting Bond

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Did you know that by helping your child with their homework, you are not only providing them with an additional resource to learn from, but you can create a lasting bond between yourself and your child? These moments mean a lot to children. It shows them that you care and are willing to spend time with them, which can then allow them to bond with you.

Do the Math!

If you are the one that helps your child solve difficult problems, it can make them Read more…

Your Children’s School Plays Really Do Matter

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Your children’s school plays really do matter. There’s nothing like coming home after a hectic day at the office. You suddenly realize today is the school play. It’s so easy to disregard it, but your child needs you there to support them every step of the way. When your child is part of activities, including school plays, they will have a boost in their self-esteem and confidence. It is so important to find creative ways to give children the tools need to succeed. School plays are just as important as soccer, music lessons Read more…

Keeping Work At Work So You Can Enjoy Home

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One problem that many parents struggle with is leaving their job at work so that they can enjoy the time that they spend with their family. It can be difficult not to think about work-related stress and issues after you punch out, especially when you know that you will have to face these issues tomorrow when you head to work.

However, talking about work and thinking about work in the evenings is bad for both Read more…

Making Days Off Count For The Working Mom

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When a mom is working all the time, she does not get to enjoy much time to herself. It is hard to balance home life with a social life. Work can cause a great deal of stress for the mother, making her life seem not enjoyable. The unnecessary stress forces her to lash out at others unintentionally. She may feel hopeless, along with alone. That is why it is important for the working mother to make Read more…

Working Mom Doesn’t Mean Absent Mom

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A working mother is a good role model for her kids. Children’s character and behavior are shaped by examples and guidance that they learn from their mother. There are bad mothers who do not work, and there are good mothers who have jobs. With today’s technology, a working mother can always be available for her family. The physical distance does not matter as much. What matters is the constructive attention she gives them. She can use Skype, email or her cell phone to tell her kids that she loves them, console Read more…