Working Mom Doesn’t Mean Absent Mom

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A working mother is a good role model for her kids. Children’s character and behavior are shaped by examples and guidance that they learn from their mother. There are bad mothers who do not work, and there are good mothers who have jobs. With today’s technology, a working mother can always be available for her family. The physical distance does not matter as much. What matters is the constructive attention she gives them. She can use Skype, email or her cell phone to tell her kids that she loves them, console them or find out what is going on.

A working mom instinctively knows that she cannot take the time she spends with her children for granted. This realization makes her thoughtful and smarter than stay-at-home moms. She knows that she has to be available for her children even when she is attending a meeting or traveling. Her love becomes more urgent, and she becomes more affectionate and instructive when she gets home. She teaches her kids important things like the difference between right and wrong. She imparts to them lessons that matter, which her children will remember as they grow into adulthood. She is always present in their lives.

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