Making Time To Help With Homework Creates A Lasting Bond

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Did you know that by helping your child with their homework, you are not only providing them with an additional resource to learn from, but you can create a lasting bond between yourself and your child? These moments mean a lot to children. It shows them that you care and are willing to spend time with them, which can then allow them to bond with you.

Do the Math!

If you are the one that helps your child solve difficult problems, it can make them feel like you are a someone that they can go to with other problems as they arise. Would you personally go right to someone who doesn’t help you with anything else? Odds are that you would find somebody that has helped you with smaller problems in the past, and who you can trust to be there. It works the same way for children.

Offer Your Help

You don’t have to wait for them to come to you. If your child is sitting at the table doing their homework you can go up to them and offer your assistance. If they need help they will usually ask for it. Even if they don’t accept your first offer, try again the next day. They will eventually be stumped on something!

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